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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The age-old plan of the Antichrist»

The age-old plan of the Antichrist

«Patriotism is a destructive, psychopathic   
form of idiocy»                                        

(Bernard Show).

«Patriotic education is understood in Russia
as the education of slaves who are ready, 
not sparing their lives, to defend the        
interests of their masters»                       

(L.I. Puzin).

Everything that is happening today in Ukraine and Russia is the work of the world government, preparing the world for destruction before its exit. The invaders dream of replacing the white population of the Earth with clones, biorobots, cyborgs. RA means: White Light, Gold, Sun. RAce means: White, Sunny, Divine people. Over the past hundred years, this people have been drunk, corrupted, divided and turned into a fratricidal evil tribe. And who manages the process? The one, who prepares controlled chaos. They are globalists, universal renegades, embezzlers and murderers. Their servants — managers of different countries, standing at the head — are talking heads, who do not decide anything and do not have their own voice. Those who remain in the shadows decide for them. In Ukraine, a place is being prepared for «God's chosen ones», as the Old Testament calls them. And those who follow the instructions of Russia and Ukraine standing behind their backs are at one with them. In 1991, at Her Sermons on Khreshchatyk, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Announced that Kyiv — is the Heavenly JeRUSalem, Which will Descend to This Promised Place after the TRAnsfiguration. But years later, this idea was picked up by the black hats and made it their dream. For the sake of which all this cruel cleansing of the indigenous population of UkRAine was started today. The Ukrainian land has been sold, and now it needs to be cleared of the population for foreigners. Everything is logical. Therefore, such a zealous mobilization-tombization, affecting even women and students. An interesting picture, however, is obtained: a lot of words have a root basis Thor. Here are just a few: TorSion (and here two key words are involved at once — Thor and Zion), terriTORy, hisTORy, akvaTORiya (water area), observaTORy, proctor (expanse), equaTOR, pasTOR, administraTOR, direcTOR, lectuTOR (lecturer), correcTOR, inspecTOR, ediTOR, provocaTOR (provocateur), insulaTOR, crediTOR, expropriaTOR, collecTOR, innovaTOR, povTOR (repeat), TORgovlya (trade), moTOR, excavaTOR, TORpedo, vTORoy (second), etc. Now it is clear who the boss in the world is? The one, who wears the Torah on his head. Or maybe it means the Cosmic Thor — the trajectory of the movement of Light in the Universe? Think about the meanings of the words. But, back to our sheep.

All games of hurrah-patriotism are only a deception of the population and its introduction into an altered state of consciousness. Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy wrote about the patriots: «A patriot in its simplest, clearest and undoubted meaning — is nothing else for the rulers, as a tool for achieving power-hungry and selfish goals. And for the ruled — the renunciation of human dignity, reason, conscience and the slavish submission of oneself to those who are in power. And so it is preached wherever patriotism is preached»..

And here are the words of Albert Einstein: «Those who joyfully march in the ranks to the music received a brain by mistake: for them, a spinal cord would be enough. I so hate heroism on command, senseless cruelty and all the disgusting nonsense of what is united under the word «patriotism», as well as I despise vile war, that I would rather let myself be torn to pieces than be a part of such actions».

How can one be so deluded as to go to war against one’s neighbors, blood brothers, whose family ties have been intertwined for centuries? But false media constantly foment the psychosis of the massacre and incite the population of both countries against each other. It didn’t work out with the shmurdyak, so let’s go to war, which has not yet been officially declared by either side. And a third party has already joined in — Belarus. Some people rub their hands with delight and dance their dances, rejoicing that the Slavs turned out to be so gullible and controllable. And instead of stopping this scrap, they continue to hate and kill each other. And provocateurs sit on both sides. And there are also overseas observers, whose reserve fund FRS receives all the taxes that Ukrainians pay. They also participate in this game. The fact that civilians are hit by missiles and all vital infrastructure is destroyed — is a sign that everything possible is being done to leave the country without water and food, without heat and electricity in the cold season, to deprive the population of all opportunities for a normal life. And if it were a real war, then the enemy would have tried to destroy the country’s crooks in the first place, but no one touches their quarters in either direction. And this once again confirms the fact that everything has been agreed on from all sides. The theater of war is a theater to play a performance for the audience. The impending famine, cold and devastation, and then terror by the world government in terms of the forced adoption of poisons per capita and the electronic mark of the Beast — all this is spelled out in the plans of the dark ones. Their step by step plan for the destruction of civilization was announced by Me in one of the previous videos. Until the earthlings begin to see clearly, and first of all it concerns the Slavs and especially the Ukrainians, to whom the Messiah Appeared in 1990 to Lead them to the Path of Light, the dark ones will destroy the white population of the Earth. But those tortures and bullying on the part of special forces and jailers, which all believers in the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS suffered in the early 90s, were a rehearsal of how to deal with all dissidents. You can find these testimonies in the Book «The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World» and on My Sites:, which today they are trying to push away from your attention, just like Channels on the internet. Therefore, what has come to the Slavs today — it is Retribution for their blindness and the rejection of their Savior. But the Destined Hour will Come, and everyone will know the TRUTH. In the meantime, stop this slaughter, for soon there will be no one left in Our Long-suffering Mother-Rus’. Arestovich said that «we will fight to the last Ukrainian». The same was said by Putin. So they act according to the same scenario. They just clean you up for the «chosen ones». Turn your gaze to the inner enemy, which leads you by the nose, playing off and gradually driving you into electronic slavery. The same laws are adopted in these corporations. But the people don't notice anything. Find at least one difference in the laws adopted by the duma and the rada. So, Zelensky recently signed anti-human law 4142, which will finally turn Ukrainians into slaves of the «Beast system» with a mark on their foreheads. And you are being driven to the slaughter both from one side and from the other. And also the third sister is on the way: Belarus is also getting involved in the massacre. «Divide and rule!» — works like a clock. The fact that the Slavic population of the once united Rus' is being destroyed unprincipledly and cynically — is the age-old plan of the Antichrist. And everyone who implements it — is a child of Hell.

Well, everything depends only on your sight and awareness. And no one else will save you, except yourself. The time has gone. Let there Be Light!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya    

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