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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»



Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. The film «Prophecies Come True!»

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. The Film «Prophecies Come True!» The Film is about Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS). Messianic Way of the Mother of the World.

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Sickle and Rose»

Sickle and Rose         
/4.11.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 50х60

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE WORD OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD»


(Text of the Video Address of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS)

Dear viewers!!

I Appeared in the Spirit of the Mother of the World from Above, in the Fohatic Fires and RAinbows on the 11th of Nisan, 1990. Since that time I Have Been Carrying the White Shambala Banner of the Mother of the World, Uniting people of Rus of the future Sixth RAce. For, My Cosmic Task: to Prepare the Transition of earthlings to a New Time Circle — the Formation of the Golden Age, the Epoch of the Holy Spirit, and also to Complete the Separation of good and evil. More than 30 years ago I Appeared in the Historical Center of Rus KIEV, located on the Universal Axis (50 degrees), as was predicted by Nostradamus and other prophets. And with Her Voice She Awakened thousands of Slavs — with the Revelation about the Appearance of the Savior of Rus, about the future TRAnsformation of the Earth and everything that breathes, about the coming of the Antichrist, about chipping him with the «mark of the Beast» (three sixes), about cyberization and biorobots, about all the upcoming events that are now taking place in the world. In White Clothes of Renunciation, I Was Generously Giving everyone My Open Sermon of the Kingdom of Light, Healing the sick and suffering. Those who believed Me left the world and carried the News of the Appearance of the Mother of the World and the forthcoming chipping-digitalization of the faithless. But the globalists did not expect that such masses would suddenly rise and follow the World Femininity. And then they started a full-scale war with the White Slavic Movement of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The frenzied persecution of the Warriors of Light and the intimidation of the population with all sorts of horror stories began; the people were driven into panic, as now, because lies and whipping up panic and fear are the methods of the dark forces. We were the First to experience all the torture and abuse by the servants of the Antichrist and his "Beast system". The state machine of suppression of any dissent has totally ridden its hard roller, destroying at the root the first shoots of enlightened humanity. And they declared Me and My closest Companions «criminals» through a custom-made trial, prisons and camps. But, when I found Myself in prisons and a camp, among the prisoners, My Spirit was even Stronger. In 1993, after I was put in the Kiev prison of the KGB (SBU) on the false accusation fabricated by the special services, the world began to collapse at a catastrophic pace. Truth was Hidden and Rejected. And this became the cause of karmic Retribution for earthlings. It is impossible to reject Spiritual Missioners, and even more so the Mother of the World Herself — Sophia the Wise, Who is Named the Holy Spirit. All these years I constantly InFormed everyone about the impending concentration camp of the Antichrist and how to Save their souls from this madness. But My Voice remained unheard, because apart from persecution and slander repeated hundreds of times through the media, earthlings never discovered the truth about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and My, destroyed in 1993 with the help of the state terror of the White Community «Great White Brotherhood», professing Light, Love and Goodness. Therefore, today everyone is zombified with this false propaganda, and continuing to offend My Spirit, they wind up collective negative karma even more. The word pro-pagan-da has in its composition the root pogan, poganiy (in Russian), i.e. what is harmful and poisonous. The people were poisoned with lies and deceit. As a result, it turned his back on the Mother of the World. And the result of today's collapse of this world — is the rejection of the Slavic Savior, Appeared in 1990, in advance, in order to Help earthlings to gain a clear vision and hearing and reject the biblical «Beast system».

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Wonderful World II»

Wonderful World II         
/8.10.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 50х60

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Wonderful World I»

Wonderful World I         
/30.09.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 50х60

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Heavenly PyRAmids»

Heavenly PyRAmids         
/26.09.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 50х60

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE END — IS THE BEGINNING!»


What to say! Reptilians were alarmed in earnest, in a hurry to utilize the population of the Earth by all means. The Hands of the Universal Clock are Approaching the End. And soon everyone will see with their own eyes the green muzzles of hydrogen sulfide, and they are terribly afraid of this! That is why they so carefully hide the Sun everywhere (which they do not like so much) with the help of chemtrails and, controlling climatic weapons, they drown cities and villages, artificially change the climate throughout the earth. For example, in Siberia the thermometer shows 32 degrees Celsius, the same is in St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. Somewhere — is abnormal heat, somewhere — is hurricanes and tornadoes. And the same scenario is played out all over the world. With the help of HAARP installations, there is a simultaneous flooding of cities and villages in different countries. At the same time, some ordinary people are indignant on the Internet, they say, it was necessary to clean the storm-water drain systems in time, or not to build up coastal places by the sea, or write off everything as retribution of the forces of Nature. Here, for example, like this: «Nature corrects the mistakes of people! Don't break the laws of nature! Take care of nature as our ancestors took care of nature! Nature is life! Nothing can be built near water bodies, rivers, and so on beaches, where there are dunes and sand — building is prohibited by the law of nature! Greed has ruined a person!» All this is partly true, but not so critical, since the reason for all this is the one: the general utilization of earthlings by the lizard-invaders. In their submission — are all world rulers who, at the behest of their masters, carry out a new world disorder. And this is chaos, planned deaths and the complete seizure of the Earth's territory. In the Russian Federation, for example, in connection with the adopted law on evacuation, the special services are intensively working out a plan to clean up the territories from the indigenous population. Crimea, southern Russia, near and far abroad — everywhere tropical torrential rains, storms, hurricanes with catastrophic consequences. In one word: ApoCALYpse! Zombo-media does not stop frightening earthlings and sending them to vaccination points. People in muzzles — a law-abiding herd, stand in lines for the approaching end and all those who turned out to be against this atrocity. Chipping of pokémon continues, side effects and deaths from this procedure grow every day, but are carefully hidden from the public. But nevertheless, information that exposes all plans of the globalists comes to the surface everywhere. And the zombo-media continue to blather and whip up fears, but those who are aware of the reality may well dispel these fears and avoid this black action of utilizers. On the one hand, utilizers do their job — they cleanse the planet of parasitic consumers, who are not interested in anything other than fulfilling their needs. On the other hand, getting rid of ballast, the planet builds up vibrations, passing the critical point of no return: after the black action is completed, Light Delight will Burst! There will come a TRANSFORMATION of consciousness of those who have passed the exam for FAITH — Knowledge of the RA. And those who are filled with Fohat — will rejoice, glorifying the Name of the Triune Mother of all that exists — Maitreya.

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Selena's Boat»

Selena's Boat         
/25.07.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 60х50

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New Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «My Wonderful Garden…»

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «Magic Glade…»            
/15.06.2021/ Сanvas, acryl. 90х60

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Ideological Platform the Mother of the World

Ideological Platform the Mother of the World –

The Fundamental Cosmic Laws of Eternal Life
of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

1. You shall love the Mother of Light — with all your heart,
with all your soul and consciousness!

The Mother of the World — is the Great Unmanifest Ein-Soph and Supreme Divine Personality, Absolute of the Universe and an Inexhaustible Source of Light, the first Idea of the Creation and the First Thought. She gave birth to the World and to everything that in it. She gave birth to Her Father and Son. She is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. All Powers are in Her One. And She is One in all Powers. She is the Harmony and the Eternity. The darkness and the Light. The Man and the Woman. The Moon and the Sun. The Day and the Night. Everything is in Her. The Eternal Word and Mercy. The Good and LOVE. The Beauty and the RAdiance, the Justice and the Law, the Strictness and the Order, the Gold and the Silver, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, the Human Spiritus (a Being of Cosmic Consciousness) and the Nature — that is all SHE! Mother of the World has ten thousand Names. And one of them is Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. This Name is carried today by White Tara, Maytraiya, Savioress and Consoleress of the Earth. She descended to the transient world in the Image of a Homo Spiritus-Christos-Messiah of the Age of Aquarius. And, Staying in the lowest slowed frequencies of the receding world of Darkness, She is Filled with Absolute Vibrations, Rescues the souls of loving children, fallen into Darkness. There is nothing Higher of This Power, neither on the Earth nor in the Heaven! Great is She and Multidimensional for the comprehension of Starseeds. But, everybody, who will be attracted by the Magnet of the Mother of the World, will find Eternal Knowledge and Eternal Life.

To Love with the heart and the soul means: will connect with the Holy Spirit — the Great Mother — the Source of Light, will grow in Her luminous blood, will fill by Her Fohat (Light), and will become Her co-creators, personifications and sowers of the Light in the Universe.

To Love with Your consciousness means: to comprehend, to realize, to take into your mind the Great Word of the Mother of the World, Her LOVE and Knowledge about the Absolute of Light, to flow into Macrocosm and to became One with the Light-Cloth of the Mother of Light, which Weaves the World-Creation and everything in It.

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