The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE END — IS THE BEGINNING!»


What to say! Reptilians were alarmed in earnest, in a hurry to utilize the population of the Earth by all means. The Hands of the Universal Clock are Approaching the End. And soon everyone will see with their own eyes the green muzzles of hydrogen sulfide, and they are terribly afraid of this! That is why they so carefully hide the Sun everywhere (which they do not like so much) with the help of chemtrails and, controlling climatic weapons, they drown cities and villages, artificially change the climate throughout the earth. For example, in Siberia the thermometer shows 32 degrees Celsius, the same is in St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. Somewhere — is abnormal heat, somewhere — is hurricanes and tornadoes. And the same scenario is played out all over the world. With the help of HAARP installations, there is a simultaneous flooding of cities and villages in different countries. At the same time, some ordinary people are indignant on the Internet, they say, it was necessary to clean the storm-water drain systems in time, or not to build up coastal places by the sea, or write off everything as retribution of the forces of Nature. Here, for example, like this: «Nature corrects the mistakes of people! Don't break the laws of nature! Take care of nature as our ancestors took care of nature! Nature is life! Nothing can be built near water bodies, rivers, and so on beaches, where there are dunes and sand — building is prohibited by the law of nature! Greed has ruined a person!» All this is partly true, but not so critical, since the reason for all this is the one: the general utilization of earthlings by the lizard-invaders. In their submission — are all world rulers who, at the behest of their masters, carry out a new world disorder. And this is chaos, planned deaths and the complete seizure of the Earth's territory. In the Russian Federation, for example, in connection with the adopted law on evacuation, the special services are intensively working out a plan to clean up the territories from the indigenous population. Crimea, southern Russia, near and far abroad — everywhere tropical torrential rains, storms, hurricanes with catastrophic consequences. In one word: ApoCALYpse! Zombo-media does not stop frightening earthlings and sending them to vaccination points. People in muzzles — a law-abiding herd, stand in lines for the approaching end and all those who turned out to be against this atrocity. Chipping of pokémon continues, side effects and deaths from this procedure grow every day, but are carefully hidden from the public. But nevertheless, information that exposes all plans of the globalists comes to the surface everywhere. And the zombo-media continue to blather and whip up fears, but those who are aware of the reality may well dispel these fears and avoid this black action of utilizers. On the one hand, utilizers do their job — they cleanse the planet of parasitic consumers, who are not interested in anything other than fulfilling their needs. On the other hand, getting rid of ballast, the planet builds up vibrations, passing the critical point of no return: after the black action is completed, Light Delight will Burst! There will come a TRANSFORMATION of consciousness of those who have passed the exam for FAITH — Knowledge of the RA. And those who are filled with Fohat — will rejoice, glorifying the Name of the Triune Mother of all that exists — Maitreya.

There is no doubt that the previous civilization was destroyed with the help of climate weapons. Atlantis perished in the same way, and the cities of Hyperborea with the capital Orion — modern St. Petersburg were flooded. Throughout the earth, stormy streams of clay, stones and everything that fell under the powerful flow of a controlled element swept through. Gradually, a handful of degenerate invaders took all the key positions and appropriated what belonged to the white people of the Earth. Having penetrated into the subconscious and cut it in half, the monsters declared a full-scale war on humanity. To this day, there is a multi-vector attack of the darks in all possible ways.

«In the novel «Brave new world» of Huxley describes in detail the scientific methodology retention population living under the rule of an elite minority, almost autistic state where they just happy to be slaves to their masters. Speaking to students at California Medical School in San Francisco, Huxley stated: «Already during the life of the next generation, a pharmacological method will appear that will make it possible for people to like being slaves, making it possible to build a dictatorship without tears, so to speak, to drive an entire society into a painless concentration camp, where people, who have actually been deprived of their freedom, will rather be happy this circumstance, since propaganda, brainwashing, and even better brainwashing, enhanced by pharmacological methods, will deprive them of any desire to rebel. This, apparently, will be the last of the revolutions». With the mindset position of Wells, it was not a conspiracy, but rather a single world brain functioning as the police thought». «Speaking in 1961 on the US State Department radio station «Voice of America», Huxley again spoke about the world of slaves subjected to pharmacological manipulation, about a «mental concentration camp» supported by propaganda and psychotropic drugs, where people learn to love their slavery and leave any desire to resist. «This is the last revolution», concludes Huxley» (D.Estulin. Tavistock Institute).

If we consider that not so long ago, three hundred years ago, their plan was brought to life, then now, having the experience of destroying the people of the Earth, the lizards hope to succeed in their deeds again. But a lot goes wrong as they want. The SAVIOR — the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Resides on Earth. And She Fulfills Her EARTH RESCUE PROGRAM and FOHATIZATOIN OF THE UNIVERSE SPACE. And this Is the Very Reason That Prevents them from fully establishing the authority of the Antichrist. For, how many years in a row His coming out has been delayed and delayed. And the time of His reign is shortening. The Antichrist is afraid of the Mother of the World. Therefore, the media under His control constantly hide from the masses the truthful information about SOTIs-Sophia the Wise. But, it won't be long. Soon — DENOUEMENT, Everything will fall into place. And the world will know the TRUTH. Those who have fallen into the abyss of Darkness on their own will — go into the service of the Lord of Darkness. But His power will not last long. This world is a foregone conclusion! But the END — It is always the Beginning of a New Circle of Development. The Epoch of the Golden Age is approaching — the Epoch of the Holy Spirit of the Mother of the Universe. Cybergization of the planet Earth Will Be DISCONTINUED FOREVER by the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! NATURE will be cleansed of filth and enter into its Divine rights. And the LAW of the Universe will open the TRUTH for the tRAnsformed human: without the Great Mother, Life turns into hell, and only Her Eternal Light — is SALVATION and Eternal Life! URA! AUM RA! All GLORY TO THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD! JAYA USMALOS! OM!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya    


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