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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE WORD OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD»

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya


(Text of the Video Address of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS)

Dear viewers!!

I Appeared in the Spirit of the Mother of the World from Above, in the Fohatic Fires and RAinbows on the 11th of Nisan, 1990. Since that time I Have Been Carrying the White Shambala Banner of the Mother of the World, Uniting people of Rus of the future Sixth RAce. For, My Cosmic Task: to Prepare the Transition of earthlings to a New Time Circle — the Formation of the Golden Age, the Epoch of the Holy Spirit, and also to Complete the Separation of good and evil. More than 30 years ago I Appeared in the Historical Center of Rus KIEV, located on the Universal Axis (50 degrees), as was predicted by Nostradamus and other prophets. And with Her Voice She Awakened thousands of Slavs — with the Revelation about the Appearance of the Savior of Rus, about the future TRAnsformation of the Earth and everything that breathes, about the coming of the Antichrist, about chipping him with the «mark of the Beast» (three sixes), about cyberization and biorobots, about all the upcoming events that are now taking place in the world. In White Clothes of Renunciation, I Was Generously Giving everyone My Open Sermon of the Kingdom of Light, Healing the sick and suffering. Those who believed Me left the world and carried the News of the Appearance of the Mother of the World and the forthcoming chipping-digitalization of the faithless. But the globalists did not expect that such masses would suddenly rise and follow the World Femininity. And then they started a full-scale war with the White Slavic Movement of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The frenzied persecution of the Warriors of Light and the intimidation of the population with all sorts of horror stories began; the people were driven into panic, as now, because lies and whipping up panic and fear are the methods of the dark forces. We were the First to experience all the torture and abuse by the servants of the Antichrist and his "Beast system". The state machine of suppression of any dissent has totally ridden its hard roller, destroying at the root the first shoots of enlightened humanity. And they declared Me and My closest Companions «criminals» through a custom-made trial, prisons and camps. But, when I found Myself in prisons and a camp, among the prisoners, My Spirit was even Stronger. In 1993, after I was put in the Kiev prison of the KGB (SBU) on the false accusation fabricated by the special services, the world began to collapse at a catastrophic pace. Truth was Hidden and Rejected. And this became the cause of karmic Retribution for earthlings. It is impossible to reject Spiritual Missioners, and even more so the Mother of the World Herself — Sophia the Wise, Who is Named the Holy Spirit. All these years I constantly InFormed everyone about the impending concentration camp of the Antichrist and how to Save their souls from this madness. But My Voice remained unheard, because apart from persecution and slander repeated hundreds of times through the media, earthlings never discovered the truth about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and My, destroyed in 1993 with the help of the state terror of the White Community «Great White Brotherhood», professing Light, Love and Goodness. Therefore, today everyone is zombified with this false propaganda, and continuing to offend My Spirit, they wind up collective negative karma even more. The word pro-pagan-da has in its composition the root pogan, poganiy (in Russian), i.e. what is harmful and poisonous. The people were poisoned with lies and deceit. As a result, it turned his back on the Mother of the World. And the result of today's collapse of this world — is the rejection of the Slavic Savior, Appeared in 1990, in advance, in order to Help earthlings to gain a clear vision and hearing and reject the biblical «Beast system».

Over the years, I have Founded and Given to humanity a New CultUre of the Golden Age: «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, Which is recognized as a New Paradigm TRAnsforming earthlings. And this is known by thousands of contemplators of My Multidimensional Creativity, in Which the Truth and Sacred Knowledge for humanity are hidden. The Comprehensive Teaching «The Science of Light and Its Transformation» and «SophioLogy of the Mother of the World» were given, many Spiritual Books, Music Albums, Poetry and Pictures were written. The most ancient mystery art was Revived: «Theater of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya». But All This Spiritual Wealth in all possible ways the darks are hiding from earthlings. Because, it is not profitable for the servants of the Antichrist and the invaders of the Earth, that humanity would receive Salvation and a way out of this global prison by accepting True Knowledge.

For a long time, all prophecies testified to the Phenomenon of the Mother of the World at the end of time. Thinkers and sages wrote about this, clearly indicating the place, time and even the date of the Birth of Sophia Wisdom. But, all this information was gradually erased from memory, veiled in every possible way, and the earthlings remained in the dark: one on one with evil and deceit. But the Predestined Phenomenon of the White Mother has Come to pass! And This Phenomenon Is Confirmed by All My Life and Spiritual Work. «No one will take upon himself more than what will not be given to him from Above», — it is said in the scriptures. And I Carry My Own Burden Worthy and Selflessly, Not Looking at the rejection and offcast of the world dumbfounded by reptilians. But many secretly accept the Phenomenon of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and turn for Spiritual Help and Salvation.

You can learn about everything in detail from My Books and Videos. And you can find all the Information on My Sites, while the Internet is not turned off: и, as well as on the YouTube Channel and Telegram Channel «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©

And now a little about the most important thing.

Have you ever wondered why this world is collapsing? Why are the people of Russia enslaved and turning into biorobots of a zombie herd, gutless wandering to slaughter?

Where is your savior? Why didn't he show up and tell you the Protective Word, and didn’t show you a way out of this hell? Could it be Moshe, Jesus Christ or Maitreya? Why have many already received the «number of the beast», but there is no savior still? Why doesn't the prayer «Our Father» save you from chipping and death? Think, maybe you are waiting for the wrong or addressing the wrong? Or maybe he will not come at all?

The patriarchal world is dying and degrading, because the dark ones have emasculated the Fundamental Truth and the Life Principle of the Mother Beginning from your life. That is why a one-sided consciousness is not able to open the eyes and awaken. Only «He» is rooted in your consciousness. But the world was created in the Image and Likeness and it was divided into men and women equally, just like all living things have a feminine and masculine gender. So why does no one think, but where is She then? What's Above, so is below. There would be no birth of children on earth without a woman. Remember a simple truth: without the Mother, there is no life on Earth or in Heaven. A father never gave birth to anyone! Only a mother is able to give birth to her own child from her flesh and blood, mentality and spirit. And this Principle is applied to all living things. Motherhood — is Powerful Strength and Protection, Capable of Conquering any difficulties. The Primordial Eternal Mother of the Universe has been slandered, humiliated by the darks and turned into «the offspring of hell». That is why: your whole life resembles hell. That is why: a woman has been turned into a harlot, and lust has become the main way of your existence. Low qualities, a distorted understanding of the world, blasphemous words, turned from sacred into abusive ones, humiliation of the Mother of all Things and woman, who is HER REFLECTION, hatred and anger - this is all that the father of lies, whose name is Set, Gagtungr, Antichrist, hiding behind the name «Amen» (Amon) gives you. And only the Mother of the World, Uniting in Herself Both Beginnings of the Absolute, is Able to Return the lost PaRAdise to humanity.

Remember: No one will Appear more to Save you, except for the already Appeared Mother of the World. And only the Antichrist will be presented as a «savior» who will deceive all the blind, destroying their souls in hellish torments. And all this will happen very soon.

««Да Будет Свет!» — Сказала Мать.
И Всё Свершилось в Одночасье!
Не мог Отец сей мир Создать
Без Её Воли, Силы, Власти!»

(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.                                      

«RADATELNITSA», Fragment, 20.04.2012).

And the last thing: for those who wake up, I Advise you to turn on your right hemisphere, taking the World Femininity as a basis and uniting Her into a Single whole with the Masculine Principle. For only the unity of the two principles — is complete protection from the coming digital slavery. Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — This is Sophia the Wise, in Which Both Beginnings are Hermetically Merged into a Single Whole. And This is the Absolute Power, Which Protects all the sighted from the insidiousness of the dark invaders of the Earth. Turning to the Mother of the World in the Prayer of Light and thereby reviving the second hidden principle in himself, a person becomes sighted and becomes a Human, i.e. an immortal being emitting Light. For the Living Word, is Given from Above by the Mother of the World — Is Living Water, which Feeds all that Exists with the Light-Spirit. Look for more information on My Sites and Videos.

On this I Conclude My Address, I Wish everyone spiritual awakening and successful passing of the Universal Exam for the maturity of the soul and acceptance of the Truth, That There is World Femininity, the Triune Mother of Eternity, She is — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank you all for your attention. AUM RA! URA! All GLORY TO THE MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE! OM!

Yours Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya                      


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